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Susan Pak
Assistant Professor in Residence & Professor of Screenwriting
Northwestern University in Qatar
Eyad Masad
Assistant Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Texas A&M University in Qatar
Mark Stehlik
Professor of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University Qatar
Sara Al-Saadi
Documentary Filmmaker & Alumnus
Northwestern University in Qatar
Omar Chatriwala
Journalist, co-founder & publisher
Memoonah Zainab
Lawyer & Community Educator

Media Gallery

Media Gallery


Jaimee Haddad
Northwestern University in Qatar
Ahmed Raza Hashmi
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Saba Singh
Designer and Marketing Coordinator
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Penny Yi Wang
Communications Coordinator
Northwestern University in Qatar
Flavio Fenley
Sponsorship Manager
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Syed Mubashar Ali
Logistics Director
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Nazar Salim
Web Designer
Qatar University
Chantelle D'mello
Social Media Specialist
Northwestern University in Qatar
Eman Zabi
Logistics Support
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Devika Hastak
Sponsorship Support
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Reham Shaikh
Sponsorship Support
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Alya Al Harthy
Speaker Support
Texas A&M University at Qatar

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What is TEDxEducationCity?

At TEDxEducationCity, TEDTalk videos and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection.

This year's theme is 'branch out'. When we think about our theme, we think about a tree.
A tree's trunk represents its foundation and strength, much like our university degree represents the "core basis" of our knowledge. However, the trunk also develops into different branches. These branches are our projects, interests, and explorations. Join us as we explore the world of experts to find out what their trunks are made of and how they've branched out.

What is TED?

TED is a multidisciplinary platform to discuss 'Ideas Worth Spreading."
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